Semalt Expert Explains How To Increase The Reach Of Your Campaign

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Every entrepreneur wants their ads to reach as many potential customers as possible. In this article, I will discuss ways to increase the reach of your campaign. I will only talk about methods and tools that can be effective in increasing the number of conversions and their value without burning your advertising budget. So, I invite you to read.

Search Campaign Reach

To see how many potential customers your Search campaigns reach, add 3 columns - Search Impression Share, Lost Search Impression Share (Ranking), and Lost Search Impression Share (Budget).

The first of these columns tells about the percentage of people who see the ads. So, if the share in impressions is 75%, it means that the ads are not seen by a quarter of people who enter the keywords set in the campaigns in the search engine. If we lose a quarter of our impression share due to the budget, it means that we can still increase it without increasing our bids per click (CPC). Lost Impression Share due to Ranking indicates if there is room for improvement with your keywords or campaign structure. You can increase your ad rank by increasing the click rate or by increasing the quality of the keywords, ads and subpages that your ad targets.

Raising your advertising budget or CPC bid is the easiest and fastest way to increase your campaign's reach. However, when it comes to increasing your Quality Score, you will need to spend some time doing this. The quality score can be improved in the following ways:

When we improve the above elements, it will affect the click-through rate (CTR). Your ads will become more clickable. Click bids should also decrease, so we'll get more clicks for the same spend. If your Quality Score is low, you often get the message that your ads are rarely shown. So it's worth taking care of quality to increase the reach of the campaign.

Campaign reach and broad match 

Thanks to the setting of broad match keywords, we can display more broadly. Ads will show on terms that we don't have in campaigns. Many people are skeptical about adding words this way. They are losing some control over the campaign. However, to refute these beliefs, I will use the example of a shop with anti-allergic bedding. In a campaign for such a store, you can use broad-matched words such as "allergy symptoms, infant allergy, dust mite allergy", etc. The ads will be displayed very widely and will catch other phrases that we might not come up with, such as "what bedding for babies with allergies, bedding mites, allergic to bedding".

Are all these phrases inappropriate? They fit perfectly, and everyone who enters these types of words into the search engine is a potential customer. And even if he/she does not buy bedding right away, he/she will remember the company, add a link to his / her favorite tabs, and be shown remarketing banners, so he/she has a good chance of becoming a customer at a later time. This type of match works especially well when you're running smart bid strategies, which will work in this case so that your CPC will be low for such generic phrases. We will then collect a lot of cheap, valuable traffic. That is why it is worth increasing the reach of the campaign by adding broad match keywords and keeping an eye on what is happening in your search terms report.

Campaign reach and DSA 

Setting up Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs) is another way to increase the visibility of your business. DSA campaigns use the content of the website, i.e. if someone enters words that are on your site into the search engine, then they have the opportunity to display Dynamic Search Ads. They will be directed to those subpages where the phrases entered by the user can be found in the content or in the titles. Dynamic search ads will work well:
DSA campaigns often get cheaper click costs compared to regular keyword campaigns. Getting more and cheaper clicks will not only increase your reach but should also translate into ROAS. You do not need to set this type of campaign for the entire range. Try from the best-selling products or services - If there are products that are selling well thanks to your keyword or product campaigns, why not increase the reach of those products with your DSA campaign? 

Campaign reach and location extension

Adding a location extension not only increases the visibility of your ad but makes your ads start showing up on Google Maps. Remember that the Google My Business listing should be up-to-date and have the correct data filled in. It should contain as much information as possible about the company, e.g. service categories, opening hours, photos, supported areas, website address, and description. Then it will have the opportunity to appear as often as possible, so taking care of a listing and adding a location extension will affect the coverage.

Campaign reach, geotargeting and language 

Geotargeting is nothing more than displaying ads in places where customers may be. The user's location is determined based on the IP or location of the device, using GPS or a WiFi network. It is worth checking from which geographic areas users come to the site and whether they are converting.

In Google Ads, it is possible to target ads to the areas we choose. We can show them to Ukrainians living in Ukraine, Ukrainians living, for example, in Germany, Germans in Germany or Germans living in Ukraine. However, remember that the website and advertisements should be in the language of the potential customers. This is done by language targeting in your Google Ads campaign settings. If you want to reach:
At Semalt, the location of your customers and the languages they speak are not an obstacle for us. We run Google Ads campaigns that are set in different languages and places of the world, so if you want to increase the reach of the campaign, contact us now.

The reach of your Display Network campaign

What is the Google Display Network?
In Google Ads, it is possible to send your own banners prepared by your or our graphic designer. They have a specific pixel size that cannot be changed. This means that prepared display ads can only appear in places where the ad space matches their size. Responsive display ads come in handy, adapting their appearance and size to the currently free space on the site where the ad may appear. If you have responsive ads, they will reach more potential customers. The reach of your Display campaign and ad targeting targets:
All of the above targeting methods, except the last 2, will allow you to increase the reach of your campaign, as your ads will reach completely new people unfamiliar with your business.

Campaign reach and Smart Display Campaign 

AdWords Smart Display Campaigns - Why You Should Use Them! | Apollo Digital

The Smart Display Campaign is fully automated. It can significantly increase the reach, because, based on artificial intelligence, it finds potential customers itself, decides about click rates, and creates ads based on the images and texts sent. You don't need to create separate campaigns with targeting from the list above. All you need to do is create one SDC campaign and wait at least 2 weeks for the effects to be assessed.

Campaign reach, Discovery and Performance Max

Discovery ads can appear as a single image with text or as a carousel of several images and text. When you run this type of campaign, you'll expand your reach to include Gmail, the YouTube homepage, "What else to watch," and Google Discover. The Performance Max campaign is the newest campaign type, bringing together all of Google's resources, including the Search Network, Display Network, YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Discover. This is another auto proposition from Google where you only need to set images, texts, and goals. Optionally, you can add a product feed to show PLA ads through it. 

Google Performance Max: 10 Things to Know Before You Start
Another optional consideration is adding audience signals. This is nothing but a hint for the system to whom to display the ads. If you set such signals, the system will search for new customers anyway based on the conversions you have set, for which it will optimize the campaign. Therefore, with Performance Max, you will not only significantly increase the range, but also the overall results.

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